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About Us

Our success depends on the trust we have with our customers. We build this trust, and set ourselves apart from others, through our values and code of conduct. We are proud to do the right things everytime, together all of us will make a difference, to the world at large, to be safe, and to be more profitable.

We have a team with extensive years of experience in the field of technology, training, recruitment, safety and compliance. With more technology embracing trucking industry each passing day, it is imperative to address the use of technology and employ good management practices (GMPs) within the industry for operational excellence and profitability for customer we serve.

To excel as technology driven solution provider for training, recruitment, safety and compliance for the trucking industry.

To offer simplified technology based solutions for training, recruitment, safety and compliance for the trucking industry.


  • Safety - Caring for human life and property above everything else. We make the safety priority number one of your business.
    In action we:
    • Make safety the first part of every interaction.
    • Stop and speak out when health, safety or wellbeing is potentially at risk.
    • Periodically update everyone about safety and ask how they are doing.
  • Teamwork - Collaborating for success. We work together with colleagues and partners to deliver the solutions our customers need. We learn from each other to improve our performance and achieve success.
    In action we:
    • Seek and give feedback to learn and share knowledge.
    • Do the best job we can and trust others to do the same.
    • Identify and work towards common goals.
  • Respect - For everyone. We recognise and respect diverse cultures and points of view and treat each other with fairness and dignity, to make the most of everyone’s contributions.
    In action we:
    • Actively seek out different points of view.
    • Listen with respect and value the contributions of others.
    • Are aware of our assumptions and biases, and are prepared to challenge them.
  • Integrity - We have the commitment to do the right thing. We maintain our focus on ethics, transparency and building mutual trust with each other and everyone we work with.
    In action we:
    • Act honestly and transparently at all times.
    • Speak up and challenge when the situation requires it.
    • Accept accountability for our decisions and actions.
  • Excellence - Being the best we can be for superior performance. We challenge ourselves and others to create lasting value and achieve high performance. We adopt a pioneering mindset and aim to do better every day.
    In action we:
    • Are responsive to what customers expect and need from us.
    • Set high expectations for ourselves and regularly meet and exceed them.
    • Innovate and look to continuously improve the work we do.