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Safety & Compliance

Whether you are a start-up or an established carrier, the compliance to the regulations is the most important area in this highly regulated industry. Compliance can save your business, and your personal finances from a fine which can run into millions of dollars.

We are always on the pulse of the industry and update your compliance requirements. Our technology based customized solutions will maintain your reportings and keep you in compliance, all the time.

We will ensure your permits are proactively updated for all international, federal, provincial and municipal governments that may have separate and overlapping authority for the licensing of your businesses and operations.

We offer comprehensive services for all of the following:
  • CVOR and NSC number: We will prepare you to meet all the requirements for National Safety Code
  • US DOT Requirements: We will prepare you for the compliance requirements such as:
    • DOT number
    • MC number
    • IFTA Decals
    • PARS & PAPS Labels
    • UCR Registration
    • SCAC Code
    • BOC-3 Process Agent filing
    • IRP Plates: Filing IRPs
  • The International Fuel Tax Agreement requires quarterly tax return filings for all carriers, in addition the following U.S states collect Highway-Use Taxes and require quarterly filing.
    • NY HUT Registration
    • KYU Number
    • NM WDT Registration
    • Oregon
  • Safety & Maintenance Program: A properly framed “Safety & Maintenance Program” systematically addresses and reduces accident risks, lowers insurance costs and also lowers workers’ compensation claims/premiums. It improves CVOR ratings and enhances driver productivity and attitude. It will help you save your company in case of a major compliance violation or accident. We will ensure that all the legislative requirements are incorporated, and is supported by appropriate company policies, formats and training needs.
  • HOS/Electronic Logging Device: We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor and audit driver paper logs and generate individualised reports/trends/or dashboards for safety director and violation notices to the drivers. We will help you smoothly handle the transition to ELD implementation for US runs and prepare you for future Canadian ELD mandate.
  • Driver and Vehicle Files: Our proprietary software system will help you automate these records to realise the benefits of computerised system and will maintain your driver and vehicle files ready for audit by MTO/DOT.
  • Recall System: We will help you develop customized reminder system to address all the recalls and renewals.
  • Controlled Substance (Drug) and Alcohol Testing: We will set up policies to fulfill appropriate drug and alcohol testing requirements.
  • Pre-Employment/CVOR Screening: It is built into of our driver hiring program to ensure you have the right fit into your team and help you investigate drivers' crash and inspection records to make more informed hiring decisions.
  • IFTA taxes filing: We help you generate IFTA reports from your ELD data and file IFTA tax returns for all the jurisdictions.
  • DOT Audit Management, Negotiations and Rating Upgrades: During FMCSA / DOT compliance audits, most of the violations could be eliminated by understanding the audit process and criteria. We conduct a pre-audit prior to FMCSA / DOT audit and we liaise with the FMCSA/DOT auditors during the auditing process to help mitigate the negative impact. We will help you address deficiencies identified and present corrective actions in a way that demonstrates you’re serious about safety and compliance.
  • Insurance & Risk Management: We can provide best offers for Liability, Cargo, Physical damage, Workers’ compensation and Independent contractor programs through our network with reputed insurance companies. We can further help reduce your premium by demonstrating, that the
    • Quality of drivers is being improved
    • Organisation is more safety focused
    • Safety ratings and CSA scores are being improved
    • Deductibles and limits are based on analysis of losses
  • Ace Manifest: We are third party Emanifest service provider committed to providing personalized 24/7 service.
  • Tickets (CMV offences and CVOR violations): CMVs are subjected to road side inspections by CVSA inspectors and commercial traffic police and may result in tickets and violations for mechanical fitness, HOS compliance, load securement, driver behavior and other regulations. We will help you adapt a strategy to contest all the violations found during CVSA inspections and tickets issued to your drivers. Our strategy will result in
    • Improvement of CVOR ratings
    • Protect driver’s commercial abstract
    • Minimize penalties
    • Reduce insurance, and
    • Reduce insurance, and
    • Avoid demerit points.
  • The “Low Safety Rating” symptomatically occur in following 2 stages for any trucking company, large or small.
    • Low Safety Ratings: When assigned a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating, it means you do not have “adequate safety management controls in place to ensure compliance with the safety fitness standard.” If left unaddressed, this non-compliance could lead to a motor carrier losing its authority to operate.
    • IT SPIRALS DOWN FASTER: Regulatory enforcement activities are directed more towards motor carriers identified by high SMS scores and less than Satisfactory safety ratings. This subjects your trucks for more roadside inspections which increases the chances for number of violations found during inspections and further deteriorates your ratings.
  • We have the experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive safety management plan. We will understand the deficiencies and the missing controls, then develop an action plan to remove the gaps in the safety management controls to bring the company back into compliance. Then we put up a case to convince FMCSA/DOT to upgrade your rating to Satisfactory based on the corrective actions taken.